Oprah: The Dragsical and Pearls (Again) vs. the Supermoon

Supermoon, too much too soon.

Well dearest of readers, let's just start by saying that through the wisdom of my editors, you are being spared my initial rant this week. Now, I'm not saying they're wrong, in fact, they were very sweet by suggesting that the post might be … mm … a little more light-hearted. Ha!!

I guess you could say that I was initially feeling the effects of the supermoon, and my original post WAS a bit harsh this week. Sometimes when you're down in the dumps, it just seems easier to pull people down with you, then to lift yourself up. That, coupled with being overworked and stressed beyond belief, (you all know I run a small business on Valencia right?) didn't make for the nicest, or even cohesive, reading.

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