Organized Crime Is Always Good for a Laugh: Goodfellas: Live

“Mafioso hijinks” — what a sick-minded concept. What do Mafioso hijinks look like? If you've seen Goodfellas, you have an idea. They look like Tommy DeVito (played by Joe Pesci), a man with self-worth issues eclipsed only by his cache of firearms and a pack of goons who'll kill anyone on his cue. He corners Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) after a seemingly harmless comment, asking increasingly angry variations of “What? Do you think I'm funny?” Hill believes he's about to die. There's gigantic silence. And DeVito laughs.

Just fuckin' widya!

Starting Friday at the Dark Room, a pack of faux goons takes DeVito's question as the subtitle of Goodfellas: Live, an expanded illustration of Mafioso hijinks.

Hill and DeVito are central to the story. They go in with Jimmy Conway on “the heist of a lifetime.” But Hill's partners kill off everyone involved, leaving behind only these important questions:

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