Lucky Box Club: Curated Cannabis to Your Door

From Sacramento to San Francisco, the Eliza Maroney hand delivers choice pot products.

Lucky Box Club co-founder Eliza Maroney strives to deliver.

At the moment, fulfilling that promise involves making hand-deliveries across the greater Bay Area with her brand’s latest release: a seasonal-themed package of curated cannabis products.

For this box, the offerings include a pouch of Mellows (THC-infused marshmallows), a container of Somatik cannabis coffee, and a bottle air freshener specifically attuned to masking the smells of weed activity.

That’s but a partial list of what one will find within the fetching hexagonal box that serves as Lucky Box Club’s namesake. With the pandemic surging once again in the region, the company — which only launched in full at the start of the year — has already begun to find itself very busy.

The concept of cannabis subscription services and curated product bundles is nothing new, but the ethos driving Lucky Box Club differs notably from operations built around buying whatever can be had by wholesalers for the cheapest price and calling it a thoughtfully-planned arrangement.

Lucky Box Club subscribers, by contrast, can expect each release they receive to focus on relevant brands in full compliance that are often local to Northern California. Companies owned and operated by women and minorities are also given prominence in the curation process.

Interestingly, Maroney arrived at her current role after first being introduced to cannabis by means of a grow her boyfriend had in Grass Valley. She describes the time she spent on his farm as the introduction to her education to weed.

“I say this all the time, truth be told, but it absolutely saved my life,” Maroney tells SF Weekly. “For years, I suffered from depression and anxiety. I tried medicating with other substances — prescription and non-prescription — but it was cannabis that brought me out of all of that. Now it’s like my only medication.”

The timing of Maroney’s interest in entering the legalized cannabis market arrived just as the prospect of California approving recreational sales started to take form. She recalls attending one of the first MJ Biz Con events, held annually in Las Vegas, in 2014, and realizing that continuing on as a cultivator would likely mean fighting an uphill battle.

“We kind of just saw the writing on the wall,” she says, “and we were really in love with our style of craft cannabis farming: not having thousands and thousands of plants, but still enough, so that we could actually tend to almost all of them by hand with a small crew. So, as I like to say, we went from cultivation to curation.”

Following a soft launch in 2019, Lucky Box Club made its proper debut earlier this year with a box themed for the 4/20 holiday. They’ve since done releases themed for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and a seasonal box dubbed the Summer Collection.

Maroney plans to expand her brand’s offerings with releases for Valentine’s Day and other special occasions, in addition to offering a seasonal box subscription as well as a monthly service. In terms of cost, the Winter Collection goes for $199 (taxes included), while monthly subscription boxes are $149 each.

Available for delivery to adults ages 21 and up from Sacramento to San Francisco, Lucky Box Club currently serves an impressive swath of Northern California, where they make every delivery by hand as part of the company’s proprietary delivery service.

Maroney is also especially excited about a zine she’s tucked into each of the Winter Collection boxes, of which there are 250 in total available for sale. Featuring biographical information on some of the cultivators and chefs responsible for the products in the package, the spiffy-looking booklet also features a recipe, a word search, and a suggested Spotify playlist.

“The point of the zine,” Maroney explains, “is not only to serve as an interesting read to consumers, but to really educate them, on their own time, about these brands.”

As an example, she points to a recipe for a Pumpkin Spice Latte that combines the box’s Somatik coffee with the aforementioned bag of Mellows (brown sugar flavor).

“That recipe was actually created by Stephanie Hua, the founder of Mellows,” Maroney says. “We support a lot of women-owned and minority- owned brands with Lucky Box, and something like this really allows us to highlight that in a fun but informative way.”

Speaking of fun, Maroney sounds especially excited when detailing a few of the zine’s more novel inclusions: coloring book pages and a word search.

“I think including coloring book pages was just a nod to the fact that a lot of people are home all day,” she says, “so why not give them something to stimulate their mind or to relax them while they smoke? Maybe you smoke, get nice and toasty, and then you have a little bit of fun with a really, really hard word search. Watch out with that one!”

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