This Valentine’s, Say You Care with Cannabis

A gift guide for a most unusual Feb. 14, featuring body chocolate, fast-acting gummies, and pandemic-friendly pre-rolls!

Man, what a weird one. Instead of love being in the air, we have COVID-19.

As far as romantic occasions go, Valentine’s Day 2021 does not hold immense promise. Intimate dinners at cozy restaurants, a Hitchcock flick at the Castro — many of San Francisco’s most cherished Valentine’s Day traditions will be sadly off-limits this year as a result of the pandemic. Fortunately, our state government and local lawmakers have made at least this much clear: Cannabis remains essential.

Well, we might as well take their advice.

Sure, there was once a time when gifting weed as a gesture of love may have come across as a last-minute replacement for a forgotten gift, but nowadays, there are a number of legal cannabis products tailor-made for the occasion each year. Here are a few of our favorite options for trying to bring some THC-infused bliss to a most unusual Valentine’s Day.

Kiva’s Chocolate Love Sauce

Hoping to pair your sugar with a little spice? Look no further than San Francisco’s Kiva Confections. This popular brand has a knack for delivering holiday-specific treats. They’ve previously met the occasion with Pride-themed, bedazzled gummies in collaboration with local drag queens as well as a Pot O’ Gold edition of the brand’s Kiva bites for St. Patrick’s Day. Joining this crew in time for Valentine’s Day is Kiva’s first cannabis-infused body chocolate, Love Sauce. Featuring 10mg of THC per serving, this limited-edition confection combines all the best parts of Valentine’s into one potent jar of fun. Tasty, sensual, and potent to boot, things really don’t get much sweeter than this.

Kaneh Co.’s Red Velvet Cookies

What makes the infused baked goods produced by San Diego’s Kaneh Co. so good? The secret is Chef Rachel King, who went from a culinary star to a cannabis mainstay. At Kaneh Co., Chef King takes a flavor first approach to the edibles her company releases. That’s why they’re now carried in over 200 dispensaries across California. Her recipe for red velvet cookies — now available in packages of ten, with 10mg THC per cookie — is so scrumptious, it’s almost a shame you can’t eat more of them at once. Featuring hints of cocoa and loaded with white chocolate chips, the flavor may be foremost but the experience to follow is a true delight as well.

Select’s Nano Gummies

There are clearly bigger issues in the world, but taking an edible and then waiting around for the thing to hit is still an unfortunate ordeal for many. Thankfully, if your Valentine’s Day includes a need for the THC to flow fast and freely, Select’s Nano Gummies have you covered. By utilizing a proprietary nano-emulsification technology, these gummies can be more rapidly and efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. Case in point: You can get a quicker on-set and a more controlled experience with nano-emulsified edibles, meaning your schedule is clear for whatever else Valentine’s Day may entail! Available in lemon blueberry (Sour Blues) and strawberry peach (Fresh Treat), Select’s Nano Gummies are packaged with 20 servings at 5mg THC each.

SF Roots Confetti Cake (Flower)

Readers of this column know the importance of supporting local, equity-owned brands when it comes to ensuring an equitable future for all in legal cannabis. Thus, if holiday-specific edibles don’t carry the same weight as high-quality flower, you should get your special someone killer buds from one of the city’s original equity operations: SF Roots. Of several worthwhile options, it’s hard to top their Confetti Cake (31% THC). Given we’re all been stuck indoors for eleven months, burning some of the best indoor flower grown in the 7×7 these days seems like as good a way as any to mark the occasion of Valentine’s Day. To be fair, you may also want an actual cake to dig into after.

Sunset Connect Infused Dog Walker Pre-Rolls

Some names are simply perfect, aren’t they? The concept of the “dog walker” — a joint that can be smoked in the time it takes to take the pooch around the block — is right at home with our current pandemic lifestyle. We aren’t sharing joints outside of our bubbles and we aren’t looking to go unmasked for long stretches in public. That said, people still have to smoke weed, right? Enter equity-owned Sunset Connect, which has an array of new products constantly in varying stages of release. One of note are their eight-packs of infused dog walkers. Each joint marries the strain Jungle Cake with a matching Jungle Cake hash infusion. Be warned: These pre-rolls pack a wallop of a punch, so just be sure to time any walks with your sweetheart accordingly.


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