Parenthood Season 4, Episode 4: Crosby Learns that Race Exists

In this week's episode, “The Talk,” we open with Zeek dragging Camille outside early in the morning to listen to a phantom hissing sound in the sprinkler system. Camille tells him he needs a hobby and then goes back inside, which is a really nice way of telling your husband: “You do this again, and I'm going to slowly start poisoning your dinners.”

Zeek reluctantly agrees to take Camille's suggestion of volunteering at the local VA. He arrives there with the enthusiasm of a court-mandated DUI offender and the volunteer coordinator sticks him on coffee duty for being so insufferable. A young vet named Ryan (Friday Night Lights alum Matt Lauria) strikes up a conversation with him by mentioning how terrible the coffee is. Oh, Zeek. You couldn't even muster up enough motivation to brew a decent pot of coffee. Why not just pee in it next time? We learn that Zeek served in Vietnam and that Ryan has just recently returned from Afghanistan. After serving as an irrigation specialist in the Army, he now faces a bright future of shipping boxes all day. Because his transformation into an irascible old coot is almost complete, Zeek asks Ryan to help him with his sprinkler problem.

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