“PATTERNS”: Emotionally Ticklish Amy Munz Talks Love in One-Woman Show

Actor, singer, sculptor, painter, writer, founder, designer, creative director, children's booksmith, videographer… the list of Amy Munz's accomplishments in the arts is exhaustive and exhausting. We'll give you the CliffNotes: non-annoying, tri-lingual wunderkind Munz has an impressive resume that “performance artist” hardly covers.

Not halfway through her second decade on the planet, she is the visionary founder and creative director for The New Stage, a performance and community space for the arts that will features a single “platform” (designed by the indomitable Munz) that will function in whatever capacity artists and their communities call upon it to do. Her one-woman show, multimedia show “PATTERNS: For Some Reason, it Tickled Me,” runs July 16-Aug.16 under her company, New Stages, Inc., at the Dennis Gallagher Arts Pavillion (66 Page).

SF Weekly grilled Munz on how exactly she does it:

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