Photographer Snaps Satirical Shots of S.F.'s Rent Crisis

Whether it be the continuing topic of the magisterial tech and start-up industries, the doomed music scene, or victims of the Ellis Act, when it comes to rent in San Francisco the conversations are endless. Most news that surrounds the dialogue shares serious anecdotes and legitimate complaints. Photographer Scot Hampton, however, discerned an opportunity for humor, which he has captured in his mockery of the skyrocketing rent phenomena in San Francisco.

In “SF: For Rent,” Hampton's latest photo essay, he snaps photos of “For Rent” signs juxtaposed with small, unlivable public spaces. Hampton tacks these “For Rent” signs (with ludicrous rental costs written on them) to a dumpster, a manhole, and a garbage can, among other dilapidated quarters, to showcase the grotesque amounts people pay to live in a shit-hole-of-a space.

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