Pic of the Day: Two Blue VW Bugs in the Haight

The driver of one left a note under her own windshield, and it's very sweet.

On Christmas Eve, last-minute shoppers and Haight residents were treated to the sight of two vintage Volkswagen Bugs parked right in front of each other. Although the front one is powder blue and the other just a bit greener, it had to be a satisfying sight for the second driver to park there.

She was blocking one of the driveways just a little, so she — and it was a she — left a note under her own windshield-wiper. It reads, “If you need us to move, call (415) xxx-xxxx, I hope you understand why we felt the need to park here (given the cars are brothers).”

In a city full of passive-aggressive notes left on cars — or as part of tech marketing campaigns — it was a veritable Christmas miracle. 

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