Pride Friday's “Biggest Bestest Gayest Funnest Drag Show Sensation Ever!”

TGIPF everybody! In case you don't have gay plans …

The unGoogleable inheritor of the weekly Trannyshack art-drag scepter is known as Some Thing; each Friday at the Stud brings a new theme and matching semi-pun. It could be simple, such as Some Thing Good, or it could be A Lil' Sumptin' Some Thing, which is funny but what are you going to wear? Some Thing Pride is in the former category, yet has room for plenty of interpretation. The first show begins at 11, and this segment is titled Some Thing — it's danger-drag; unexpected, experimental, postpunk, political, performance-arty stage shows. Take it away, Jorge at Some Thing Solid! Of course it's NSFW; it's also disgusting and therefore NSTWWE.

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