Quarantine Shots: Caregiving During A Pandemic

Caregiving was already physically and emotionally taxing before COVID-19.

The difficulties of caregiving for my father make me forget, at times, that time spent with my parents is a privilege.

Caregiving during the pandemic is particularly restrictive. My mother and I can’t afford to get sick because separating from each other isn’t an option. My father relies on us for his activities of daily living (ADLs).

Caregiving would already debilitate us, physically and emotionally, before the pandemic. That was especially the case for my mother, who spent her days at home while I attended classes and covered local news, returning home to assist with my father’s ADLs.

Like others, I’m home most of the day now. I’ve been spending more time as a caregiver, which is exacting a greater toll on my physical and emotional health. But it has also brought me closer to my parents in a period of my life where I seldom made time for them.

This video diary tells our story.

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