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When I started Rep SF, the first brand that came to mind to cover was 4fifteen. Started in 2004, by Derek Poon and his wife Denise Voong, 4fifteen, named for San Francisco’s area code, has been consistently creating garments and accessories for men, women and babies that celebrate all that is dope about San Francisco. From the 4fifteen bridge logo, to the “I Hella Heart SF” shirt, 4fifteen is synonymous with the city (so much so that I even ran the SFCentric name by Derek when I was coming up with business monikers).

“My goal was to create a brand that represents San Francisco and San Franciscans,” he explains. “Designs that celebrated growing up here in the city and being proud of where we are and where we’re from. 4fifteen’s target audience is all San Franciscans, whether you were born and raised here, just moved here yesterday, or moved away and miss and reminisce about the city … Anyone, of all ages, who appreciates this fine city by the bay.”

This goal translated to T-shirts, hats, tote bags and more in Giants, Niners, and Warriors colors. Shoutouts to Muni buses, and hybrids of 49er and Giants fonts to drive the “Hella Local” point home. “Our “4fifteen bridge” logo, “I Left My Heart in SF”, “I Hella Heart SF”, “Born, Raised, Native” and “San Francisco Treat” designs are some of our most notable ones,” Poon elaborates. “All of these are very popular and sell very well, along with the “San Francisco Physical Ed” shirt, which holds a lot of nostalgia and brings back a lot of memories growing up here in SF.” Nostalgia seems to be the very thing that lot of native San Franciscans are holding on to right now.

Endearing as the graphics on the shirts are, what's more endearing is the fact that 4fifteen started as — and remains — a family affair. “My wife is my partner and co-founder,” Derek explains. “While I create all of the designs and concepts, and manage production and fulfillment, she helps me with the business side of things and has been the greatest of support on this 4fifteen journey.” Adding to the commitment to keep things San Franciscan, the company also manufactures right here in The City. “I’m not sure what really sets us apart from other brands, but I know that I put a lot of thought and heart into our designs. We just try to do our thing and put out quality products that represent SF right. Anything that we produce is something that I would definitely be proud to wear myself … and I do.”

In addition to continuously stocking their tried-and-true core designs, 4fifteen is always dreaming up new ways to pay homage to S.F. “I have a new Niners design and a new Warriors design that we will be releasing soon,” Derek reveals. “I am also trying to work on a few cut and sew projects that I am very excited about. In addition, we will be releasing some new hats and other things to enhance the brand soon.”

At the end of the day, 4fifteen knows it is a brand for the people, fostered by the people that have kept it so relevant for over a decade. Derek is nothing but grateful. “I want to thank all of the loyal 4fifteen fans that have been down with us throughout the years, the brand wouldn’t be here without you guys.”

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