Rest in Peace, Local Drag Legend Vicki Marlane

In your dreams, you'd be different, right? There are so many cool things you could be: a 1930s carnival sideshow hottie, a 1950s bombshell with elaborate hair, or a 1970s Bay Area scenester. You could be a different gender, or just plain gorgeous, or a showgirl on the lam with her Johnny trying to stay one step ahead of the cops ever since she made that jailbreak. How about a righteous freedom fighter stickin' it to the Man, or a crossdressing rollerskating elementary schooler?

San Francisco drag legend Vicki Marlane was all of these and more; she also performed at Aunt Charlie's Lounge every Friday and Saturday night into her mid-70s. She passed away this morning; the city adored her and we mourn her passing.

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