Review: Three One-Person Plays Worth Watching

I didn't plan to see a trio of one-person plays in a single weekend, but sometimes that's just how it shakes out. The three shows — a reimagining of Greek mythology at Cutting Ball (Bone to Pick / Diadem), a confessional juggling act at the Marsh (Out of Sight), and an examination of technology, commerce, and ethics at Berkeley Rep (The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs) — are about as different in form and tone as you can get. But all three are, to some degree, worth your time, with Berkeley Rep's production emerging as the best of the lot. 

Storytellers just won't leave Ariadne alone. The mythological daughter of King Minos of Crete, she most famously aided Theseus in defeating the Minotaur. After eloping with the Athenian hero, she found herself abandoned on the island of Naxos before hitching up with the god Dionysus. That's the basic story, at least–none of the classical accounts seem to agree on how or why her abandonment took place. She continues to fascinate modern writers in part because her fate remains so fuzzily understood.

Enter Eugenie Chan, playwright-in-residence at Cutting Ball Theater.

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