S.F. Fat Activists Oppose Atlanta's Anti-Obesity Campaign

A San Francisco fat activist has helped raise more than $12,000 to launch a campaign to counter the public shaming of obese children. What set all this off: Currently in Atlanta, the second most obese city in the nation, Strong 4 Life billboards sponsored by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta show black-and-white shots of “chubby” children stamped with labels such as “fat kids become fat adults.”

Dairy Queen supports Atlanta's Strong 4 Life campaign, while Kaiser Permanente disclaims it — isn't that a red flag? The fat activism community has expressed disgust with Atlanta's anti-obesity efforts, calling the ads a shameful form of bigotry.

“It's time to take a stand and support developing healthy habits in kids of all sizes without stigmatizing fat ones,” said Ragen Chaistain, fatosphere blogger.

The fat activism community has responded with a campaign of its own, Stand 4 Everybody, which argues that weight discrimination hurts.

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