S.F. Street Fashion: Don't Get Swept Away!

Our weather has finally gone the way of the power mom — it, too, can get everything done at once. Rather than rain throughout winter, why not just pack all the downpour into one week? This smart move saves time for other weather-like activities. You know, sun, fog, all that good stuff. Unfortunately for me, my hair is allergic to rain, so I've been staying inside painting my nails over and over. I finally crept outside to see how all you fashionable citizens are coping with the weather, and I was sure you'd all been swept away like the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, but you're still out there (so is the Boardwalk, for now at least)! I'm glad you're toughing out the storm, although I'm surprised and disappointed by how many of you treat flip-flops as appropriate rain gear.

Others of you, however, kept your heads above water and rocked some chic, rain-repellent outfits this week. Onward to the ensembles!

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