S.F. Street Fashion: Pink Is the New Black

I've been attempting to clean out my closet lately — attempting, but not having much success. I have dresses that I've been carting around from apartment to apartment since high school; they don't fit or are simply outdated. Still, there comes a point when nothing else will fit in my closet, and I have to get rid of something if I want to add a new item. The dilemma has left me stuck with the question: Will this dress, shirt, or sweater survive the season? I'm a sucker for trends, so I'm learning to be a more wary shopper — buying things I'll wear forever, and donating clothes I won't wear again.

This doesn't mean I'm not itching to indulge in the waves of neon clothing that have flooded stores this spring. Bright yellow, hot pink, day-glo green — I want it all. But, in my new effort to be discerning, I'm only buying pink. A neon orange dress might feel fun this summer, but I can't imagine myself wearing it this fall without feeling like a pumpkin. And pink seems to be the most versatile; I can imagine it mixed with most of the other colors I own.

It seems I'm not the only one sticking to fuchsia. I noticed lots of other pink-lovers on the street this week, some who let the color dominate their outfit and others who just dabbled. Click through to check them out!

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