S.F. Street Fashion: Vintage in the Haight, the Sequel

The last time I wrote about street style in the Haight, I got some very angry comments from some not-so-peaceful hippies. Apparently, the '60s and '70s are still very much alive out there on the Internet somewhere, and they don't appreciate their iconic strip being overrun by consumerism.

But love it or hate it, Haight Street has become a shopping destination, not just for our ultra-hip citizens, but for our tourists as well. The very best vintage San Francisco has to offer is all sold on the several blocks between Amoeba and Buena Vista Park, and the street is packed every day with fashionable locals adding to their wardrobes.

This week, I spotted quite a few vintage looks on the famous free-love destination. Hopefully the fact that these environmentally conscious individuals bought their clothes secondhand will appeal to the tenets of Haight Street, and their chic-ness can be celebrated by everyone. Click through to see more.

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