Sarah Silverman Stars in Huge Crowdfunding Campaign for Equal Pay

Self-described comedian, writer, and vagina-owner Sarah Silverman is not happy about the salary inequity between men and women, and has signed on with the National Women's Law Center to do something about it.

[jump] For every dollar a man earns, women often earn only 78 cents, which the NWLC estimates at nearly $30 trillion in lost wages for the millions of women working on America today. To close the gap, NWLC has launched a campaign to raise $30 trillion on Tilt, complete with a video starring Silverman (warning: video contains fake dick imagery that is NSFW). 

So far, the project has crowdfunded $71,730. If it fails to reach its ambitious goal in the next 24 days (which would make it the highest-earning crowdfunding campaign ever), NWLC will still get whatever funds are raised and put them toward its fight for equal pay. 

Funders can donate in increments lost by women over various periods of time ($30, for instance, is an average woman's losses for a day, while $10,876 is an average woman's losses in a year). And, like every crowdfunding campaign, there are rewards: A signed photo of Silverman's new prosthetic penis or a pantsuit parade.

For more information on the campaign, visit the website. You can watch Silverman's video below, but don't say we didn't warn you about the dicks. 

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