Saved by the Bell Goes 8-Bit: Q&A with the Fine Bros.

If you've ever played an 8-bit video game, or even know what that means, then you've probably also spent way too many hours watching Saved by the Bell, that totally improbable but somehow massively popular early '90s TV show about high school students in southern California.

But what about combining the two?

Last week, the online comedy gurus known as the Fine Bros. (a.k.a. Benny and Rafi Fine) unleashed their retro-Nintendo YouTube hit “Saved by the Bell Interactive Game.”

The game takes YouTube beyond the passive watching experience — viewers get to shape how the story unfolds by making choices along the way. And the retro graphics and sound are spot on, with an original Nintendo vibe that'll make your thumbs twitch for the good ol' days. (You can also check out our sister blog's interview with the animator and music composer.)

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