Someone’s Tagged Vibrators All Over the Mission

This Magic Wand graffiti is stimulating some buzz throughout the Mission District and on Muni buses.

What’s the neighborhood coming to? Some electrifying graffiti has been firmly applied to several Missions District walls and structures, and now same the Magic Wand tag seen above has also been spotted inside Muni buses.

Even SF Weekly’s box was touched by the vibrator taggings, according to Tuesday’s probe into the matter by Mission Local. But maintenance crews got it off quickly, and those particular tags have been rubbed out.

The highest concentration of these Magic Wand tags appears to be on Mission Street between 20th and 23rd Streets, where eight still remained as of Wednesday afternoon. But Mission Local’s report identified 15 sweet spots the vibrator graffiti was seen in the Mission, and another SF Weekly correspondent spotted one Wednesday night on the 21 Hayes bus.

These unsigned pieces are not of the highest artistic quality. “Lol I was like ‘that’s a terrible Boba Fett,’” one Instagram commenter remarked.

Good Vibrations staff sexologist Carol Queen explains the enduring appeal of the Magic Wand vibrator. “This is the classic powerhouse — a wand massager that will help with your sore shoulders but also all points south,” Queen tells SF Weekly. “We used to call it the Cadillac of vibrators, but we’re not sure that’s what Lorde meant by ‘driving Cadillacs in her dreams.’”

As a note on historical nomenclature, the proper name of this device is now the Magic Wand Original. It was known as the Hitachi Magic Wand until 2013 when Hitachi pulled the plug on production of the device because of its associations as a sex toy. The  Magic Wand is now distributed by Vibratex, though still produced by Hitachi.

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