Sunday's Finest: A Church Service for the Non-Religious

If you love the idea of going to church for some fellowship and music, but aren’t necessarily super-jazzed on the whole organized religion aspect, then break out your Sunday finest on August 2 for San Francisco’s newest non-religious church service, the aptly named Sunday’s Finest. Mustafa Khan, the brains (with a badass name) behind Midnight Brunch, Silicon Valley Fashion Week, and other events that exude the spirit of S.F., intends for this event to be essentially “a variety show with the structure of a church service.”

[jump] SF Weekly spoke with Khan about his latest project, for which there is no actual need to wear a tie, an Easter bonnet, or one of those giant hats the pope wears. He explained that, “attending church can be a powerful thing, especially the sense of community it creates. But if you don’t subscribe to any particular religion, Sunday’s Finest is a nice middle ground.”

There's a lot of turf between heaven and hell, but this middle ground does seem like something of a sweet spot, as it includes a Tartine-and -PBR communion, a gospel choir singing pop songs, acrobatic performers from the Circus Automatic, and — before you freak out — brunch. It’s Sunday in San Francisco, after all! There’s a lot to love at this event, which will not-so-ironically be held at The Chapel venue in the Mission.

Sunday’s Finest may seem hipster-y, what with the low-end beer and Valencia Street location, but it’s clear that the event will encapsulate the root of what church is all about: getting together with people from all walks of your community and celebrating all that is good about life (read: mimosas). Plus, only a grump — like someone who didn’t laugh at Scott Weiner burning Fox News, say — doesn’t enjoy watching acrobats.

Sunday’s Finest, $30-40, Sunday, Aug. 2, at The Chapel, 777 Valencia, 415-551-5157.

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