Temporal Cities and CoolTry: Two Sexy Projects at the Tenderloin Museum

The Tenderloin Museum has been burning things down since the day it opened, but between its newest exhibit and its first featured local artist, it’s moving into the realm of contemporary art.

Ryan De La Hoz’s CoolTry gets a turn in the gift shop at a free launch party tomorrow night (Thursday, Nov. 5), with exclusive merch you can’t get anywhere else and music by Wrong Way. (See this Juxtapoz article for a bit of background on De La Hoz’s work.)

Better still is Temporal Cities, an ongoing installation in which artists project images in the museum’s window to lure people walking by, who are then instructed to share an anonymous, personal story that took place nearby. By way of an archive, artist-cartographers (and T.L. residents) Lizzy Brooks and Radka Pulliam are putting together a map that collects these anecdotes in one place.

It’s all of a piece with the organization’s mission of shedding light on a neighborhood everyone knows of but comparatively few people know about. And although the Tenderloin Museum’s programming is already bottom-up, in that it brings toward the enter labor activists, transgender sex workers, and other people who have long been at the margins, Temporal Cities gets even more granular in its pursuit of everyday people. Set to be aggregated into a website, book, and experimental film after it concludes in December, this project makes sure no one is excluded from the history of a neighborhood whose past has too often been written by non-residents.

CoolTry opens Thursday, Nov. 5, 6:30-9 p.m., and Temporal Cities runs through December, at the Tenderloin Museum, 398 Eddy.

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