The 10 Best Foreign Films to Watch on a Date

Here's the thing: too often, people confuse foreign films with boring films. And that's just not the case.

Dinner and a movie. They're ubiquitous date fodder, and rightly so. Feeding and entertaining someone is not only a good first impression, but also a chance to tell your date who you are. And just as you wouldn't take a date to Denny's, you probably don't want to choose the wrong movie, either. There's nothing inherently wrong with a slasher flick or a rom-com, and if you already know your date's preferences, maybe that's the right move. Sometimes. But, if you seriously want to impress that new gentleman or lady in your life, stick with foreign films. Not only do they speak well of your general worldliness and intelligence, but they also light the match for political, sexual, and intellectual conversation. And conversation equals foreplay.

Here's the thing: Too often, people confuse “foreign” with “boring.”

Granted, it can be daunting to choose a film that isn't too artsy or complicated, and on the other extreme you don't want to be sitting together watching some dubbed soft-core porn with wicked bad dialogue (not that there's anything wrong with that). So how do you impress that new someone while still having a good time at the movies? Put these films on your Netflix list. Trust us.

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