The Bad Sex Jokes of 2 Broke Girls

The surprising CBS hit (surprising because it sucks) 2 Broke Girls has a lot of sex jokes. The show makes fun of Brooklyn hipsters and rich people and is ultimately about cupcakes. It was filmed in 1982.


Max (hipster who makes cupcakes; thinks she's not a hipster.)

Caroline (Max's coltish roommate; might also be Nicky Hilton.)

Earl (elderly black DJ/cashier from What's Happening! community center; under contract for seven one-liners through 2012.)

Oleg (greasy cook fluent in sexytime jokes; formerly of Mel's Diner.)

Han (Korean restaurant owner; facilitates show's racism.)

Episode 12: “And the Pop-Up Sale”

“The big spenders at table two want to split their $11 check three ways, even though one person did all the eating.”

“I was in a three-way once. Same thing happened.”

(BOOM. Earl. Sick.)

“There's only one tool that can change my 'tude, and I'm going to need two double A batteries and a 20-minute break.”

(My cat just looked at me.)


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