The Cat's Pajamas Goes Out with The Bang — But Promises to Return

Ginger Murray dances onto the Make Out Room's stage wearing a perfectly cut red dress and black boots. The crowd roars like it's seeing a hometown girl accept an Oscar.

“Welcome to The Cat's Pajamas!” she says. “Our theme tonight is 'Stone Fox and Bangs!' Now, who can tell me what a stone fox is?”

“You!” someone from the audience shouts right back.

Murray has said only two sentences, and already she has the crowd eating out of her hand. That's stage presence. More, that's charisma.

I'd been warned about this.

“You're going to fall in love with Ginger,” said the person who turned me on to The Cat's Pajamas — a monthly cabaret “celebrating art, history, and the joy of aesthetic integration.” “Everybody falls in love with Ginger. I'm in love with Ginger. Trust me … those skirts.”

After wowing crowds for two years, last night was the last Cat's Pajamas to make The Make Out Room.

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