The Deep Blue Sea Director Terence Davies Talks About the Tragedies of True Love and War

Terence Davies, the director of movies including Distant Voices, Still Lives, and The House of Mirth, releases today (Friday) his first movie in 11 years, The Deep Blue Sea. The estate of playwright Terrence Rattigan asked Davis to do a movie version of one of Rattigan's works, and he chose The Deep Blue Sea. It's about Hester (Rachel Weisz), who lives a comfortable life married to a judge named William (Simon Russel Beale) in post-war London. She leaves him for a hard-drinking former RAF pilot, Freddy (Tom Hiddleston). When Freddy forgets her birthday, she tries to commit suicide. Freddy tells her the relationship is over, and her husband wants her back, but Hester refuses.

Davies says the only direction people at the Rattigan estate gave him was to be radical with the play, so he chose to take out all the exposition in the first act and tell the story from Hester's point of view.

Davies talked with us about the nature of tragedy, life in post-war Britain, and the color palette he wanted for the movie. The film opens today (Friday) at the Embarcadero Center Cinema.

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