The Folsom Street Fair and Up Your Alley 2015 Posters Are Out

The posters for this 2015’s Up Your Alley and Folsom Street Fairs have been released.

The Folsom poster depicts five people (including genderfuck drag queen Grace Towers) riding a cable car as it crests a hill, possibly symbolizing a descent into sin and depravity. The depiction of four men and a masculine-of-center woman or otherwise genderqueer individual doesn’t quite encompass the entirety of Folsom’s diversity, as it ignores the looky-lous who’ve been appearing in increasing numbers these past few years, and also excludes the people who wheel strollers through the fair for some reason. But it’s hot.

[jump] For Up Your Alley, aka Dore Alley, the design is an illustration, although if you can draw your eye away from the four musclemen lurking beneath the porn theater marquee for one second, there is another notable detail: The fair seems to have been extended, and now ends at 6:30 p.m. That means the army of volunteers pushing push brooms have themselves been pushed back half an hour.

These images are meant to titillate and to provoke, but nothing will ever be as controversial as the 2007 “Last Supper” design, which caused such outrage — from the usual homophobes, but also among LGBT conservatives such as Andrew Sullivan — that sponsor Miller issued a public apology. (Nobody got mad when the Smurfs did the same thing, though.)

Mark your calendars! Up Your Alley is Sunday, July 26 and Folsom is Sunday, September 27.

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