The Hazards of Late-Night Texting — From Your Conjugal Bed

My girlfriend got pissed at me recently for texting another girl at 11:30 at night when we were in bed. She said it was inappropriate to text that late because it sent a message that I wanted to sleep with her. The text itself was correcting a typo I'd sent earlier, in other words, no big swig. Is my girlfriend being weird and possessive or should I apologize?

I think your girlfriend is being weird and possessive, personally, but I don't know your relationship with this other girl. I also think the jealousy had less to do with how late you were texting and everything to do with the person you were texting. For the record, however, in no way could correcting an earlier text typo be misinterpreted as, “Please come do me in the butt,” unless you are some kind of sexting Jedi or something, or this girl has an Oxford comma fetish that you are cruelly exploiting for your titillation and/or amusement.
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