The Kids Are Alright. Just Alright.

Well, dear readers, I had intended to write about the Oscars for this posting, but did anyone else watch and have a total snore of a time? I mean seriously, you know it's a total snoozefest when you find yourself checking your recent Facebook updates to laugh at all your friends' better jokes.

So even though I learned a new writing technique this week, of NOT including everything in one column, I fear I won't have anything meaningful to say about the awards show, so I'll leave that until the end of the post and tell of some of the other things going on in our fair city.

Thursday night, IN THE RAIN, I hoofed it to Cookie Dough's Monster Show at the Edge Bar in the Castro. To honor my new tradition of trying to see a new drag show or hit a new venue at least once a year (ok, maybe once a month…once a week?…you bitches are really trying to kill me, aren't you?) I figured this would be a good introduction to what the kids are doing.

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