The New McCarthy Era: Meet the First Female U.S. President

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States.

Trump Schmrump, we elected a woman, dammit. Margaret McCarthy is the first female president of the United States, and two weeks into the national emergency, she’s ready to steer the ship of state away from the radioactive, Ebola-infested iceberg with which we’re about to collide.

(Pres. Margaret McCarthy)

McCarthy, a performance artist and former interim executive director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, was in Washington over the weekend of Jan. 20 — to join in the Women’s March, sure, but also for her inauguration, which she never expected. (Her sound system was delivered via bike, too.)

“It’s an honor and a surprise,” she tells SF Weekly about her unanticipated elevation to the nation’s highest office. “I am thrilled to help serve my country during this difficult time.”

“The idea is that to speak about it very plainly, and create an alternate, real-time reality where I’m the first female president of the U.S., and basically everything else is the same,” she says. “Obviously, the decisions the president would make, I’m making — so there will be some real splinter points as we move forward. I’m collecting people to help advise me on my Cabinet. I have about 15 people so far, who’ve volunteered their experience on solar panels and transportation to housing and health care.

“I want to, as the president does, write and produce policy ad legislation,” she adds, “and help carry our country forward in a  positive, progressive decidedly liberal direction.”

Since the First 100 Days is crucial to setting the tone for the remainder of a president’s four-year term, McCarthy knows time is of the essence. But not expecting to sit in the Oval Office means she’s still working out some details. She cites gender equality, racially disparate police violence, and climate change are her main areas of focus.

And as the national Democratic Party conducts a post-mortem (of sorts), hoping to put together a winning strategy for 2020 and beyond, McCarthy pledges that she’s taking the initiative with respect to transparency.

“I’m inviting everyone to visit,” she says. “There’s a form there that you can submit yourself and you can submit questions or areas you can submit to see the government do more on, there’s an openness that is pretty diff from the hierarchical leadership that we’ve come to expect from the Democratic party — and from any major party. I’m not casting a slur on them at all. But I think what we’ve also seen is that when you get people invested in what you’re doing, you’re more likely to get it to happen.”

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