The Newsroom, Episode 4: Sexual Tension, Jealousy, Lies, and a Bit of News Stuff

Before we get started, is anyone else bummed about the theme tune to The Newsroom? It's just a bit… cheesy drama. We feel like it should pack more of a punch, like the actual show does. Still. Minor quibble. Let's get to this week's recap.

Mac gleefully leaves her boyfriend, Assistant U.S. attorney for the southern district, Wade, in Will's office to suggest a story — that attorneys like him trying to prosecute financial crime are being “out-lawyered” by big banks and that congress made things worse by de-funding the Department of Justice on financial crime. Will listens intently, makes an objection when Mac comes back into the room (“Don't call him honey,” Will blurts out. “It makes me crazy … I didn't say that. It just came out of my mouth. Just … words.”), then sends Wade away so he can have it out with Mac. Later, Mac accidentally refers to Will as her boyfriend. Yay!

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