The Passion, Jealousy, and Friendship of Lee Miller and Man Ray

Man Ray and Lee Miller only lived together in Paris for a short time — from 1929 to 1932 — but those brief years had a strong influence on both of their bodies of work. Miller, a model, sought Man Ray out as a mentor to become a photographer herself. The exhibit at the Legion of Honor through October 14, “Man Ray/Lee Miller: Partners in Surrealism,” shows the artists' work, art by their circle of friends (including Pablo Picasso, Dora Maar, and Max Ernst), and how Man Ray and Miller reconnected and remained friends until the end of their lives.

“This is the first time their work has been shown in dialogue with each other,” said Julian Cox, founding curator of photography for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. “It also shows the larger context of both artists.”

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