The Roxie, S.F.'s Longest Running Theater, Needs Our Help

There's nothing quite as heartbreaking as seeing a shuttered movie theater, and as a result, it's hard to go more than a mile in San Francisco without being heartbroken. I can hardly ever go into the Haight without being overcome with sadness about the loss of the Red Vic. There's a lot of things to feel sad about in the Haight, admittedly, but damn, I miss the Red Vic so much.

But the Roxie Theater in the Mission has been hanging in there, not just as an operating movie theater but as one that concentrates on independent, experimental, and lower-profile films — the kind of place that would never devote a week to show the Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean movies (just to cite totally random examples that may or may not have premiered at the Castro Theater in recent years). And they need our help to keep it that way.

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