The Sweet Spot: The Only Dating Advice You Need

In my many, many, (ugh) many years as a bartender, I was called upon frequently to dispense dating advice. Considering all those films where the lonely heart anchors down on a bar stool and pours out his sorry tale to the whiskey dispenser who miraculously always seems to have no other customers, I felt it was my duty to honor the tradition. I always carefully considered the advice that I gave, and declined on numerous occasions to give any at all.

The act of careful consideration, however, is not the norm for most bloggers who often feel free to dispense hopelessly generic assertions. Oh, I know, blogs, blogs, and more blogs, there is all that damn space to fill. True. Also true is that most of those people I gave advice to probably didn't remember it the next morning. But that does not mean that we — the advice givers — don't have a responsibility.

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