The Walking Dead, Episode 6: Rick's Crazy, Andrea's Frisky, Michonne's Sneaky, and Merle's a Pain in the Ass

Take note, everybody. For, one day, there may be a zombie apocalypse. And should that happen, you're going to want to remember key terms and phrases that sum up your predicament. We're introduced to one of those terms within the first minute of Episode 6 of The Walking Dead — and it's “biter-gram.” What's a biter-gram, you ask? A biter-gram is when you send someone a message using only body parts of the undead and some ingenuity. Michonne, now on the run from Woodbury, sends the first ever biter-gram to Merle (who comes up with the phrase) and the three goons sent to track her down. Using some limbs, she spells out the word “GO” and leaves a zombie's back on the ground. Get it? Go Back. What a smart (and gross) lady.

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