TOMORROW: Honey Hive’s Seinfeld Art Show

It's at Honey Hive Gallery, mere blocks from the beach where a crowd once watched a fake marine biologist retrieve a golf ball from a whale's blow hole.

There’s a Seinfeld episode where Elaine visits an ex-boyfriend who’s in the hospital. He’s an artist whose work involves a lot of triangles, but she broke up with him because he was too fat. He’d lost weight, and they rekindle their romance, while George buys his work thinking he’ll die and it’ll appreciate in value. Then Kramer drops a Junior Mint from an operating theater into the body cavity of an anesthetized patient, having unsuccessfully offered it to Jerry, who can’t remember the name of a woman he dated even though it rhymes with a part of the female anatomy.

Anyway, Mulva, An Art Show About Nothing: Honey Hive Gallery’s Seinfeld Art Show will have lots of work that could potentially skyrocket in value even in the absence of an unforeseen medical complication. Tomorrow, Friday, Nov. 10, Honey Hive Gallery will hang caricatures of the cast, Seinfeld-themed paintings, a possibly fusilli Jerry or two, and — we’re promised — some Young British Artists-esque pieces made using “actual human blood.” Hopefully, it’s Kramer’s, like the time Jerry injured himself and required three pints of his neighbor’s serosanguineous fluid, making them blood brothers.

Local musicians Meant to Bend will play variations on the famously word-less Seinfeld theme, so check it out. They were going to book Christopher Cross after his successful comeback playing Newman’s millennium party, but yada yada yada, the date was off by a whole year.

An Art Show About Nothing: Honey Hive Gallery’s Seinfeld Art ShowFriday, November 10 from 6-10 p.m., at Honey Hive Gallery, 4117 Judah St.

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