TONIGHT: Activists Project ‘Traitor Trump’ on Federal Building

Stop by and marvel at the specter of a sitting U.S. president selling out the country to a foreign dictator.

Say what you will about the many grievous flaws of the SFPD, but it’s pretty great that they allow these things to happen unimpeded.

Resistance SF, the activist group that projected “Shithole President” on the S.F. Federal Building on Seventh Street back in January, and “Abolish ICE” and other images on June 25, will respond to today’s mind-blowingly surreal one-on-one meeting and subsequent press conference between President Donald Trump and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. It was so bad even Republican senators who aren’t part of the all-talk-no-action caucus issued blistering denunciations of America’s traitor-in-chief.

As with virtually everything that ever happens now, just imagine if Barack Obama had thrown his country under the bus while grovelling before a foreign autocrat, or if he’d enabled Putin’s desire to drive a wedge straight through the Western alliance.  

In any case, this evening between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m., stop by the Federal Building for some spine-strengthening and a little Batsign-like acknowledgement that no, you are not alone in feeling like the entire country has gone batshit insane.

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