TONIGHT: KRON 4’s Stanley Roberts Performs Stand-Up

Don't go to the Punch Line and heckle him, or you'll end up on a segment of "People Behaving Badly."

Tonight at the Punch Line, noted local treasure and guy with a dry, perpetually semi-amused voice Stanley Roberts performs a stand-up set as part of its “I Think I’d Be Good at That” series. It’s an occasional evening wherein Drew Harmon and several other professional Bay Area comics warm up the crowd for a non-comic whose time on stage may either yield a flop sweat-drenched trainwreck or 20 minutes of pure gold. Based on this one-minute video, it feels like his set will be a potty-mouthed version of what we already love him for.

Roberts is best known for his “People Behaving Badly” feature on KRON 4 news wherein he confronts Safeway shoplifters or Uber drivers making illegal right turns onto Sixth Street from Market. A sort of benign vigilante armed with genial righteousness and a camera crew, he’s the moral heart of San Francisco (and SFPD Chief Scott should consider mounting a Bat Signal-like light atop the Hall of Justice before next year’s Bay to Breakers).

In the announcement, Roberts says he once tried standup in Monterey, “but wasn’t able to remember his material and gave up to pursue his news career, but has always wondered if he could have made it as a comedian.” 

Stanley Roberts at “I Think I’d Be Good at That With Drew Harmon,” Tuesday, June 26, 8 p.m., at the Punch Line, 444 Battery St. $17; tickets.

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