Top 10 San Francisco Foodie Accounts To Follow on Instagram

Food snapshots, along with selfies, plague the Instagram stream. There are plenty of square-cropped, filtered photos out there on the social medium platform: 200 million users with 20 billion posts, to be exact. With that in mind, it can be difficult to sort through Instagram accounts worth following — ones that provide images that satiate our hungry eyes.

So we did some of the  work for you and selected our 10 favorite San Francisco-based foodie accounts. These users vary in occupations — from photographers to tech-savvy chefs and professional writers to food enthusiasts — they all have one thing in common: making the San Francisco food scene appear just as delicious and diverse on social media as it is in person. These user accounts, at one point or another, made us think and exclaim: “That looks good!”

Let us know if we left off any other users worth following. Happy scrolling!

1.) @TartineBakery

Every day local Tartine Bakery & Cafe bakes close to 300 loaves of bread, and like everything else in San Francisco, the loaves are welcomed by long lines, and sell out quickly. If you can't make it to the Mission District every morning, don't fret — their Instagram profile provides a healthy dose of daily bread.

2.) @Sonyayu

Sonya Yu, a San Francisco food and lifestyle photographer, gives new life to the traditional still-life items of fruit and flowers. Yu also motivates the food photographer within all of us and encourages her followers to snap food photos too.

3.) @EdibleSF

Edible San Francisco is a fascinating read for any Bay Area foodie, and their Instagram account is also worth a look. All photos are captured by Bruce Cole on his iPhone 5S and make us salivate. 

4.) @CoffeeCakesCafe

There's a reason breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Ria Sim remind sue of this with images of coffee, morning cakes, and cafes. Her iPhone-only photography is cheeky, whimsical, and the epitome of food porn. Go ahead and take a bite (or in this case, follow) of her feed. We promise it will be delicious.

5.) @YigitPura

Ever wonder what the life of a celbrity chef's is like? Yigit Pura's personal Instagram account chronicles his adventures of life after being anointed a Top Chef winner. The founder of the beloved Tout Sweet Patisserie, his Instagram is a sweet find and addition to anyone's feed.

6.) @FogCityFoodie

Aliza Rosen isn't a photojournalist or chef, but this San Francisco foodie delivers delicious photos. Rosen captures the City's rich culinary diversity in a style that rivals even some of the Instagram accounts of professional photographers.

7.) SF Weekly Contributors: @iMike_H & @Juantanamero

These accounts display some of SF Weekly's culinary findings and act as a record of our ever-evolving food scene. Each image is a window to a yummier San Francisco, and ultimately bring about an urge to continue eating our way through San Francisco with wonder and intrigue.

8.) @theGracekeh

Grace Keh is the author of A Food Lovers' Guide to San Francisco and food editor at SFFood, and she truly knows how to capture the Bay Area's delectable foodie locations. Looking for a new San Francisco dinner spot? Ditch Yelp and consult Keh's Instagram feed. A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, a restaurant selection.

9.) @dominiquecrenn

Dominique Crenn, the chef and proprietor at Atelier Crenn crafts plates that look like elaborate nature scenes with intricate simplicity, yet her Instagram account not only demonstrates the poetic culinary displays made by her culinary establishment, but also the magic that goes on in the back of the house. Although most San Franciscans can't simply put on a white chef's coat and witness the action firsthand, the wonder of Instagram gives us plenty to feast our eyes on.

10.) @RealFoodSF

The Paleo lifestyle doesn't have to be boring nor bland, and Real Food Kitchen in San Francisco proves the aforementioned points through their public Instagram account. Through every tiny, square picture, one sees each  baked good no longer as forbidden fruit, but as deliciously sweet and natural Paleo-friendly concoctions. 

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