Tourism for Locals: Brian Goggin's Art as Unofficial Monuments of San Francisco

San Franciscans are one of a kind. Many of us claim to be an artist, of sorts, and thriving in edgy art scenes — ones infused with elements reflecting our diverse population. Everyone has their niche and personal preferences, and while public art may universally be considered low-brow on the arts spectrum, one artist has thrown those notions out the window and made the form takeoff in flight — literally.

This week's “Tourism for Locals” presents the art of Brian Goggin, a San Francisco based artist who has created public art pieces that reflect our city's quirky and crazy character. It is difficult to limit this entry to just one piece from the local man that crafts his high-flying pieces to fuse with existing edifices and structures, so we'll highlight two installations: Defenestration and Language of the Birds.

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