Tourism for Locals: Frank Lloyd Wright Building Tucked Away in Union Square

Next time you happen to find yourself in the Union Square area, don't be turned off by the flashy window displays sporting the latest designer trends or the incessant hustle and bustle from the ongoing construction and perpetual wandering of tourists.

Instead, head toward Maiden Lane, a tiny alley on the east side of Union Square, along Stockton and between Post and Geary. For those who don't do so well with street names and directions and need visual markers, the lane's entrance is graced by the Gucci and Dior storefronts. Located in this pedestrian shopping mall is a historic building that garners admiration from both architecture and history aficionados. Alongside the high end-boutiques, there is a building with a square facade composed of camel-colored bricks — it's famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright's only building in San Francisco.

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