Tourism for Locals: SF State's Poetry Center a Bay Area and National Archive

It's common knowledge that poetry is one of humanities greatest, and oldest, art forms. And while we may enjoy reading poetry of some of our favorite poets, sometimes we love hearing poetry.

And even though it won't be possible to hear the original voices of those predating the age of audio recording, those from the last century are easily attainable, especially if you live San Francisco.

Yes, you can search the Internet for recordings of your favorite poets reading their work in their unique style but why binge-listen in the confines of your home when you can visit the Poetry Center and American Archives , which is also celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.

Located at San Francisco State University, this center is one of America's most long-lived and nationally renowned literary-arts institutions, having amassed more than 4,000 hours of original recordings of poets and writers reading from their works since the center's creation.

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