Transgender Male Publisher/Photographer Amos Mac's Baggage

By Michelle Tea

Hey, I'm on the road right now with Amos Mac, photographer and publishing magnate. His groundbreaking 'zine Original Plumbing is a quarterly exploration of contemporary transmale culture, a mash-up of cheeky cheesecake portraits and personal essay and interviews. His next publishing venture, the ambitious and breathtaking TRANSLADY FANZINE, elevates Mac's aesthetic to the next level. Each issue will spotlight a different trans woman, and the debut issue fireworks off with Los Angeles performance and video artist Zackary Drucker, photographed at her childhood home in upstate New York over Christmas. The photos are strikingly, eerily gorgeous – Drucker naked under a fur coat canoodling with her mom; curled fetal on the dining room table with a apple stuck in her mouth, pig-style; crouching under a basement work desk with her stunning face stuck with duct tape. The photos bring to mind Cindy Sherman's staged vignettes and the femme personas that populated them, or they look like stills from a lost episode of Twin Peaks, and they look like fashion photography, with Drucker straddling an exercise bike in a pair of gold lame boots with wooden platform heels, or doing a headstand in a rusty, ropey shrug, or posing by a Little Bo Peep mural in a lemony 60s shift. It's going to be a covetable collectible on par with Candy but dare I say blowing the competition out of the water with it's focus, sincerity and realness. Okay now let's peek in Amos' suitcase. We're at the Ramada Inn in West Hollywood which Amos compares, aesthetically, to Target circa 1998. Let's start with a peek at his t-shirt collection.

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