Transverse: Lana Wachowski's Stellar HRC Speech and Making the Invisible Visible

I'm really interested in trans narratives in the media as cultural temperature-takers, a topic I write and talk about often. Mostly I find myself disappointed to see yet another “Trapped in the wrong body” talk show or “Trans children are magical” tear-jerking puff piece, because, though those narratives hold truth for some of us, our stories are not so flat, our bodies not alien, and our life arcs not less messy, more glorious, or stranger than anyone else's.

A few months ago, I wrote about Lana Wachowski's quiet “coming out” for Salon, and how I felt that her refusal to take part in the prescriptive bloody surgery/baby picture montage — and the public's generally relaxed reception to her announcement — signaled a potential tide-turn for simplistic, high-profile trans narratives.

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