Two Former Kids in the Hall Bring Personal, Endearing Stand-Up to Cobb's

Throughout their opening-night set at Cobb's, Scott Thompson and Kevin McDonald worried that they were rusty because they had been off stage for two weeks. The reunited members of Canadian sketch comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall separated some of their time into mini solo sets. Thompson chided himself for doing the material he intended to do in his second set first, while McDonald issued a disclaimer that he was a “sketch comedian attempting stand-up.” They repeatedly mentioned they had the luck for this to be the night their show — Two Kids, One Hall — was reviewed.

Such perfectionism and self-deprecation might be easier matched to television sketch comedy, for which they're both known, where it's possible to rewind the tape and start over. But they needn't have fretted so much; Thompson and McDonald were both at their best when they didn't judge themselves so harshly — and Thompson especially when he took on harsh topics.

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