Untitled: 1007 Market St.

Untitled: 1007 Market St.

The Brazilian street artists who call themselves OSGÊMEOS, which means “The Twins” in Portuguese, are real-life identical twins who have an affinity for scaling tall buildings and drawing distinctive figures with yellow faces. Global capitals including London, Lisbon, and Berlin have been locales for the duo's work, which has now found a home in San Francisco.

In September and October, OSGÊMEOS did a residency at the Luggage Store on Market Street near Sixth. On the gallery's roof, visible from the sidewalks below, they created a memorial to three dead street artists. Jade, who passed away this year, was a Bay Area graffiti maven who put his signature on everything — public walls, street-parking signs, delivery trucks, you name it. He was fast with a spray can, and the new OSGÊMEOS figure holds a spray can in his giant right hand and wears a baseball cap that features Jade's signature lettering. Attached to his bag is a button that's a tribute to Tie, while the spray can features the name of Nekst — two other deceased graffiti artists. The work, which replaced a previous OSGÊMEOS painting, has become a new artistic high point of the mid-Market area.

During their residency, OSGÊMEOS also put up — in collaboration with Bay Area artist Mark Bode — a giant figure at 99 Turk Street. Like the tribute figure at 1007 Market, it's a swirl of yellow and other psychedelic colors. This one, though, has humor, with the figure holding a top hat while riding Cheech Wizard, a famous cartoon character created by Bode's father, the underground artist Vaughn Bode. Vaughn died in 1975, so both new OSGÊMEOS works are memorials to those who once did what OSGÊMEOS are still able to do so well. J.C.

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