UPDATE: Celebrate Ginger Pride This Thursday at Dolores Park

UPDATE: the Dolores Park component of this event has been cancelled, although an unofficial picnic may still happen. The afterparty at Monarch is still a go.

There is a group of people in this world so maligned and stigmatized that the BBC created a multi-season documentary about their oppression in the U.K., and phrases that casually demean them get tossed around without a thought. Yep, we’re talking about gingers, aka redheads. As nature’s own “red-headed stepchildren,” they’re sensitive to sunlight, prone to freckles, and sometimes even thought to be made of pure evil.

[jump] That’s why San Francisco, home base for LGBT Pride, is helping another persecuted minority claim its place among the wonderful diversity of humankind this Thursday, July 30, in Dolores Park. (After all, in the gay community, “fire down below” is highly prized.)

The First Annual Ginger Pride Festival starts at 6 p.m., and is open to everyone irrespective of the presence of auburn eyebrows. With a photo booth by photographer Scott Fin (wigs provided for the ginger-impaired), a silent disco that’s free for “gingers with state ID,” and a red-velvet birthday party for any carrot tops with a July birthday before everybody heads over to Monarch (101 Sixth Street) at 10 p.m. for an afterparty. Surely you guessed that the special cocktail is Jameson-and-ginger, and it’s open to full-on Leprechuans, as well as the merely ginger-adjacent and ginger-friendly.

As a final word on the matter, why is it called “carrot top,” when carrot tops are green. Discuss among your fellow gingers and their admirers!

Ginger Pride Festival, Thursday, July 30, 6 p.m., at Dolores Park.

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