Viracocha Fundraiser: Performances to Support Impending Change

For four years now, Viracocha has been one of San Francisco's most cherished venues for everything from artisanal crafts and furniture to local art and literature, clothes, typewriters, custom light installations… you name it. Cactus in a boot? No problem. Hand-blown glass bottles from France? You betcha.

The store's ever-changing design and overall aesthetic is so appealing that proprietor Jonathan Siegel is often commissioned to assist other businesses with his interior design savvy. Simply walking through the store is an inspirational experience; each item invokes the precious, reminds us that no detail or characteristic is unimportant should we pay it the right attention. It's not uncommon for someone to stroll in off the street, sit down at the piano, and set the mood for an hour or two.

A recent finalist for best bathroom in America, Viracocha is also home to the innovative gem of a lending library, Ourshelves, and the downstairs speakeasy-esque venue that is one of the Bay Area's most intimate, breathtaking, and beloved performance spaces. It's also a classic S.F. story that many don't know because the event space is technically illegal and no one's officially allowed to talk about it. But that's changing.

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