Wedding Dress? Tuxedo? Sure. Marriage? Optional — It's the Eternity Ball

Formalwear is life's cruel joke. Men usually rent tuxedos rather than owning them, and it's almost always for weddings — where the fellas are under someone else's aesthetic direction and end up looking like a member of a high-school choir circa 1983. Women, meanwhile, spend small fortunes on wedding dresses that transform them into the most stunning creatures on the planet, but they wear the garments only once, stashing them in the attic or eventually giving them to thrift stores.

Tonight is your chance to celebrate Valentine's Day like it was your own wedding — whether you're married or not — at the The Eternity Ball. You won't have to match a color scheme worthy of a Reno Wal-Mart, and you'll be helping the Greater Bay Area Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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