What Do You Call Folks Who Share Their Embarrassing History on Stage? Mortified

Lust, love, depression, delusions of grandeur — this is the stuff of cringe-inducing adolescent memories. As we mature, many of us purge the journals, photos, and ornately customized LiveJournals that documented our teen years before they cause humiliation for our adult selves — not to mention missed job opportunities or divorce. But no matter how much we try to rewrite our personal histories, those memories persist. So it's with rueful admiration that we salute the brave participants in Mortified, the performance series that compels storytellers with adamantium balls to exhume the most shameful episodes from their adolescent lives. (Think the Colosseum with more laughs and a bit less viscera.) The latest round of wholesome humiliation and fun happens Thursday at the DNA Lounge.

Bad kisses, secret desires, petty disputes, abrading blowjobs, and other such mortifying experiences fuel these laughter- and squirm-inducing tales. After a decade of communal shamings, some of which have appeared on This American Life and the Sundance Channel, Mortified is taking the experience to the silver screen with Mortified Nation, a film compiling some of the most notorious stories from the series. See one of our favorite San Francisco comedians, Mary Van Note, skewer herself at a past event in the video clip below.

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